Investment Intelligence

Don’t part with your hard-earned money until you know every detail

The need for agile and bespoke solutions has become even more apparent than ever. So our services are being increasingly called upon by industry peers in a time when uncertainty is high. And deeper scrutiny vital.

Understanding what you are getting yourself into is paramount. And investment is never only about the numbers.

It must be about understanding the whole picture with Investment Intelligence and deep Due Diligence. 

Octopus combines decades of experience in accounting & business modelling. Merchant banking & finance, high growth business consultancy. And significant commercial intelligence. 

No matter how big a deal is we can offer a unique capability enables us to provide you with an holistic investment scrutiny service.

To minimise your risk and uncertainty. And maximise opportunity in your portfolio.

Using our tried, tested and flexible model we bespoke our services to your exact needs during:

  • Pre-investment stage
  • During the process
  • After investment to performance monitoring

The truth can be hard to find. And those hidden obstacles prevent you seeing the real picture.

Also, when considering an investment opportunity, you need the full picture before you can make the right decision or negotiate any deal. And its not just about the money.

What is the team like?

  • What is the real company history?
  • what do their customers really think about them?
  • Is their idea feasible?
  • What is in their history with previous investments in business and other things?
  • Are they fully risk assessed? 
  • How do they think, act and also, respond to pressure?
  • Does their proposition stand up in real world scrutiny and future proofing?
  • Who are their real competitors?

Real Due Diligence

But it’s not just a database search, looking at a spreadsheet and off you go happy. We try to understand the behavioural characteristics of individual decision makers.

And, in most cases certain character idiosyncrasies do leave a footprint.

And we go beyond box ticking and spreadsheet diligence. With high quality research backed up with access to local databases and leaks.

We can offer boots on the ground investigations and site visits.

Due Diligence include:

  • Finance checks
  • Online address confirmation
  • Reference checks
  • Confirmation of current company structure
  • Shareholding
  • Fiduciary performance
  • Past appointments etc
  • Physical confirmation of home address
  • Location of former employers.

And, we can do deeper with many other actions such as interviewing the target invests and their customers and suppliers.

We can answer all of these questions and almost certainly deliver additional findings that might be completely unforeseen.

The market

And is the market is growing? Also is the tech viable and original and can the proposition be understood by the target audience?

It is all about minimising risk and increasing certainty

Identify, reduce operational and investment risk and increase certainty before decisions are made with excellent due diligence and Intelligence.

This is a picture of a graph lines for an apage called trend analysis by Octopus Competitive Intelligence This is a picture of a winning podium for the page called Investment Intelligence Intelligence-driven business development by Octopus is a Competitive Intelligence Competitor Analysis & Strategy consulting firm focused on creating certainty, insight, competitive advantage & significant growth

Certainty, Insight, Competitive Advantage & Growth



  • Precision forecasting & troubleshooting   
  • Monitoring & management indicators  
  • Development, BD and growth mapping
  • Future proofing insights and recommendation


  • Appraisal packages
  • Verification and qualification packages
  • Fiscal performance tracking
  • Forensic data analysis


  • Integrated intelligence service modules
  • Project management oversight
  • Intelligence based financial oversights

The market

  • M&A pre-qualification process
  • Investor readiness
  • Market trends and predictions
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