Investment competitive intelligence is untapped, often unused, and ignored

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Investment competitive intelligence is untapped, often unused, and ignored

In the investor game, the adage’ knowledge is power’ is often used but rarely embraced. Enter competitive intelligence is a solution that seems to be overlooked rather than overused. Why the resistance? Is it ignorance, arrogance, or a combination of both? Let’s unravel why investors shun competitive intelligence and how using it could improve their success. It’s why many new technologies are missed, old ones remain favourites and then we see a rush of investments.

The Herd Mentality: Playing it Safe or Playing it Foolish?

Like many in the business world, investors fall prey to the herd mentality. It’s safer, less daunting, and frankly, less work to follow the trail blazed by others. But here’s the catch – it’s also a path to mediocrity. Investing by mimicking others is like driving while looking in the rearview mirror. It’s a strategy that fundamentally misunderstands the nature of competitive advantage. Competitive intelligence, however, offers a forward-looking perspective, a view through the windshield.

The Illusion of Success: Why Settle for Mediocrity?

The investment industry often operates on a ‘hit-and-miss’ philosophy. If a few investments out of many succeed, it’s considered a win. But why settle for this hit-and-miss approach when competitive intelligence could tip the scales? The reluctance to delve deeper. Understanding the market, competition, and innovation dynamics is like playing poker with half a deck. I was told a story the other week. It’s an example of investors not understanding their targets, following the crowd and failing to understand the tech.

A story

A good friend of mine is helping to develop an unbreakable cryptography solution. Last year, he and his business partner were at an investment event. Major investors were at the event. You know, the investment managers deemed it suitable to find an investee and manage millions after two years in a Guards Regiment, going to the right school and following family into the investment world. It’s how it’s done in the UK. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being disingenuous. My northern chip on the shoulder is well and truly polished.

Constantly, they were asked which crypto exchanges their technology was on and what was so special about their wallet. And how much their cryptocurrency would return. They asked because they had heard one of their friends had a great return on an investment last year. They confused Cryptography with Crypto, not thinking to ask more questions. But they had heard of the technology and were keen, especially as Jermey had a good result last year. Now, cryptography is very much part of cryptocurrencies. It’s used for the security of the transactions and the participants. As operations independent from a central authority. Other things include securing the various transactions within the network. But it’s not cryptocurrency.

The Dark Side of Investment: Profiting from Failure

An unspoken truth in the investment world is that sometimes, failure is profitable. The idea of making money, even when a business goes under, by stripping it of its assets, is an aspect of this industry. However, it’s a short-sighted strategy. Long-term, sustainable success comes from nurturing and growing businesses, not cannibalising them. This is where competitive intelligence comes in. It’s not just about picking winners. It’s also about avoiding losers and understanding the full potential of an investment.

The Role of Competitive Intelligence: Beyond the Obvious

Competitive intelligence is often misunderstood as merely a tool for understanding competitors. In reality, it’s much more. It’s about gaining a significant and rounded understanding of the market. The trends, the disruptors, the emerging technologies. It’s about insights that can lead to a successful and game-changing investment.

How CI Can Change the Game for Investors

  1. Uncovering Hidden Gems: Competitive intelligence can help investors spot opportunities others overlook. Competitive intelligence identifies potential breakout stars. Mainly by analysing market trends and emerging technologies before they hit the mainstream.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Understanding the competitive landscape helps assess the risks more accurately. Competitive intelligence provides a more nuanced view of potential challenges and pitfalls. We are allowing for better-informed investment decisions.
  3. Strategic Investments: Competitive intelligence can guide investors in making long-term investments rather than just short-term, opportunistic bets. It can identify sectors poised for growth, aligning investments with future market dynamics.
  4. Avoiding the Echo Chamber: When everyone is looking at the same data and making the same moves, competitive intelligence provides a unique perspective. It helps investors break free from the echo chamber of the investment world.

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The Resistance to Competitive Intelligence: A Matter of Comfort Zone

Why, then, the resistance? It boils down to comfort zones. Diving deep into Competitive intelligence requires a mindset shift from following to leading, from playing it safe to exploring uncharted territories. It’s about being willing to do the hard work of truly understanding the market. It’s challenging, it’s time-consuming, and it’s not without risks. But the potential rewards are proportionately higher.

Investment competitive intelligence is untapped, often unused, and ignored.

Change is the only constant. The investor can no longer afford to ignore the power of competitive intelligence. It’s a tool that offers not just insights but foresight. It’s about understanding the present in the context of the future. The rewards could be game-changing for investors. But only if they can step out of their comfort zones and embrace competitive intelligence. It’s not just about winning more; it’s about redefining what winning means in the investment world. Competitive intelligence isn’t just a tool; it’s a mindset, a strategic advantage waiting to be unleashed.

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