Intelligence driven ESG.

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Octopus Intelligence is the global practice for Competitive Intelligence, investigations, real-world ESG and strategy.

As a leading Competitive Intelligence agency committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), we’ll show you how we answer the questions you need to know to make the greatest possible difference to our world.

Request a free consultation today. We’ll show you how we answer the questions you need to know to make the greatest possible difference to our world.

Intelligence driven ESG

We believe in a holistic, bespoke and Intelligence driven approach to ESG. Combining hard work, human thinking, technology, business savvy and common sense.

Our Intelligence based ESG offering allows socially and environmentally engaged Corporates and Investors more comfortable access to credible and meaningful opportunities.

We identify the right ESG partners and create more certainty in ESG and CSR strategies to help Corporates, Investors, and consultants avoid the all too common pitfalls that can, without notice, blow the best of intentions out of the water.

1. Search for relevant and customised ESG opportunities. Those who can make the most significant difference to your organisation, the global or people.

2. Introduce credible, socially and environmentally aware, focused charities. Organisations that will really make a difference and not just talk a good game. Understand where you stand with the opportunity. The level of risk you are exposed to and how reputations can be protected.

3. Provide background checks and vetting to ensure they have the ability to deliver what they promise. And just as importantly are not linked to suspect individuals and organisations.

4. Provide an ongoing top cover to ensure all parties receive real mutual benefits. Protecting Corporate, Investors and Consultants from real financial and reputational risk.

5. Evidence-based reporting to back ESG claims to show the world you have made a difference. And thats Intelligence driven ESG.

ESG can be messy, complex and lacks standardisation. It requires everyone to think differently and take new approaches to find, verify and measure to ensure transparency and trust between all stakeholders.

Intelligence driven ESG

Our Intelligence driven ESG creates certainty & Competitive Advantage to enable you to dominate your ESG space.

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