Risking planning Template.

Insight to future strategies for growth in conjunction with intelligence driven senior decision making. Please get in touch for a free no obligation chat

Download our Competitive Intelligence risk planning sheet.

Our Competitive Intelligence risk planning sheet intends to give you insight to future strategies for growth in conjunction with intelligence driven senior decision making.

Risk based strategic and operational orientation

Especially within foreign markets so as to best position best case future proofing strategic decision making and operational readiness.

Octopus Intelligence is committed to the effective identification of risk for and by its valued clients and as such retains a passion for risk inclusive intelligence strategies that should be twin pillars of support as a continuum for successful and growth oriented organisations.

This means that like intelligence applications, the risk management effectiveness of an organisation must be pervasive and continuous, especially when uncharted territories are being considered and ideally ahead of all other strategic and operational factors.

In the current economic climate, this requirement has never been so vitally important.

How to work with us

We work with you in any way you wish. Brands, tech firms, middle-market players, family offices, investors and start-up innovators trust us.

  • Come to us for a specific need.
  • Retain us to cover all eventualities.
  • Ask us to track competitors & market. We don’t offer access to an expensive, time-consuming whizzy AI platform. Just concise reporting on the things that are important to you.
  • To speak to your new customers. And those who have gone elsewhere to find out the reasons why. And what you can do about it to increase your sales. 
  • Come to us for investigations. That’s litigation, business disputes, background checks, investors and competitor wrongdoings. Corporate investigations revealing what you could get yourself into.
  • Be forewarned, so you can take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan.

Download our risk planning sheet to start winning more!

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