What’s happening now and how is it going to affect you?

Be better informed with Insight

  • Understanding your competition and how you can learn from their methods using the services specified below
  • What is your market share and how to increase it
  • New operations, systems and technologies you could utilise
  • Key players in your industry that could advantage your business
  • Views, attitude and opinion that affect your opinion in your industry

What do you need to know?

What do you need to know? You can’t get the better of your competitors and market if you don’t know where or who they are.

So, many do not know their market well enough and are missing out on business. Also, some dismiss competitors as irrelevant and not as good as them.

We build a picture to give you a birds-eye view of your market. To allow us to draw a very detailed map of your competitors intelligence and tech.

And suppliers, regulators, products and many other things which could impact your business.

We help to identify and isolate weaknesses in your competitor’s defences and reveals their strengths to tackle. 

Insight on who and what is your competition?

The names of your immediate competitors may be well known to you. But does that tell the whole picture? You should also consider the stories behind their names.

What makes them tick and how do they really manage their business. Is its real-world structure the same as the one it presents to the public?

Then there’s the competition which is not so obvious at first glance.

The world is changing all the time, and companies continually add to their products to increase income.

  • Are there businesses unknown to you at present who are beginning to impinge on your territory?
  • What about new market entrants?
  • Are you fully up to speed with how they might threaten your current position?

Strategic Intelligence services answers these questions.

Where are your competitors weak?

It’s easy to know where your competitors are strong. They’re only too happy to tell the world all about their amazing products, value and service.

But where are they weak?

What are they hiding from the market and their (and your) customers? It’s important to identify your competitors’ Achilles heel. In our experience they all have one. It may take a bit of digging. You may need to ask questions where they’re not normally asked.

But arming yourself with knowledge of your rivals’ weaknesses is one of the most powerful marketing assets you can have.

How deep does it go?

You research. You network. And you keep your eyes and ears open by listening to your suppliers and your customers. But such inquiries can only ever take you so far. The reality is that such an approach is restricted to asking about only what you know.

A much more effective way of gathering intelligence is to forget everything you think you know and start from scratch.

That means questioning everything and everyone. Your competitors’ customers, their suppliers, their employees past and present. It means conducting deep research into their finances, processes and organisation.

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