How to Use Social Media For Market Research

In this article, we offer a quick introduction about how to use social media for Market Research. There are vast amounts of information available on social media, and salespeople should be taking advantage of it. But they are not. So, social media is the first place to look when researching new prospective customer before going on to speak to them. Therefore, here are a couple of ways you can use social media sites for sales research. 


You will know that you use LinkedIn to connect with your professional contacts. Prospects, current clients, former co-workers you can connect with them. You can follow their updates, their comments on other people s updates and take note of their interests and employment history. 

Look at how they word their profile and use words they clearly resonate with them. Linkedin groups are potent, allowing you to ask questions, monitor competitors, and write articles. Join groups where your potential customers will be. Connect with people and follow hashtags relevant to your interests, industry, and that of your ideal client. 

Join in conversations and answer any questions asked. Get involved. Become the expert in your field and monitor your industry sector and company news and trigger events. So you understand your prospects needs in great detail. Monitor keywords, phrases, competitors, people, and companies. 


Facebook is an effective way of connecting, but as a traditionally non-business platform it offers a more personal level with contacts.  When looking at companies active on Facebook pages and groups are become more and more productive. Often giving you insight about new product offerings, useful news articles, new employees and events. All social media allows you to research things like what a buyer is looking for, and a little digging will go along way to impress them. General company information and trigger events are also useful to keep a note on as well as Industry trends and finding out what your competitors are doing.


In this article, we offered a quick introduction about how to use social media for Market Research—discussing the advantages of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

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