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The reach of Octopus is absolute. We answer your questions regardless of barriers or international frontiers. From Competitive Intelligence to Geopolitical and country reports

Understanding what is going on in a country’s market is at the heart of what Octopus is all about. We have a global insight reach, hence helping open up new worldwide markets for your product or service.

So, if you want to launch in a country that’s new to you, or if you’re looking to trade there, we can unearth what is actually happening there on the ground.

Working with trusted partners and our own network of global information sources, we’ll make sure you get it right the first time, as well as avoiding costly mistakes.

Global anti-slavery legislation requires you to completely understand your supply chain, reveal any instances of modern slavery, and comply with all legal directives.

We can help you fully adhere to global anti-slavery legislation and comply with the Modern Slavery Act, California TISCA and Anti-Bribery Policies.

While you may be doing the right thing, can you be certain your competitors are doing the same? We have a great track record of revealing how our client’s competitors are pulling the wool over their customer’s eyes.

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