Geopolitical insight

Understanding what is going on in a country’s market is at the heart of Octopus. Our global insight reach helps open up new worldwide markets for your product or service.

  • Global Market Analysis: Understand potential markets’ socio-economic and political landscapes to make informed decisions.
  • Risk Compliance and Management: Navigate complex global regulations, from anti-bribery policies to modern slavery laws, ensuring full compliance and ethical operation.
  • Strategic Market Entry: We provide tailored insights to help you launch and expand in new regions, avoiding common pitfalls and maximising opportunities.
  • Local Expert Networks: Our extensive global connections offer real-time, on-ground insights, giving you the upper hand in foreign markets. With a particular niche within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Unlike others, including those with a prestigious logo, all our reports are bespoke, and the effort taken goes beyond plucking the latest version off a shelf

So, if you want to launch in a new country or if you’re looking to trade there, we can uncover what is happening there on the ground.

Working with trusted partners and our network of global information sources, we’ll ensure you get it right the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Global anti-slavery legislation requires you to completely understand your supply chain, reveal any instances of modern slavery, and comply with all legal directives.

We can help you fully adhere to global anti-slavery legislation and comply with the Modern Slavery Act, California TISCA and Anti-Bribery Policies.

While you may be doing the right thing, can you be certain your competitors are doing the same? We have a great track record of revealing how our client’s competitors are pulling the wool over their customer’s eyes.

A pioneering intelligence service dedicated to providing in-depth insights into the dynamic landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. Powered by those with local knowledge and understanding. More details here: Afridesk

Core Geopolitical Services

Understanding Global Trends and Political Shifts: This service provides insights into geopolitical dynamics, political developments, and global trends. 

Risk and Opportunity Analysis: Identifying potential geopolitical risks such as political instability, economic sanctions, emerging regulatory changes, and opportunities that arise from geopolitical shifts.

Market Entry Strategy Analysis: This involves analysing how geopolitical factors influence market conditions and identifying optimal strategies for entering or expanding new markets.

Scenario Analysis and Planning: This service helps businesses prepare for future geopolitical scenarios affecting their market positions. Identify opportunities, test strategies, and develop resilience against potential geopolitical and economic uncertainties.

Global Regulatory Knowledge: Expertise in understanding and navigating international financial regulations affected by geopolitical changes. 

Board Advisory Intelligence: Providing regular updates and strategic advice on geopolitical matters to corporate boards.

Climate Risk Intelligence: Assessing ecological factors and sustainability issues that are influenced by geopolitical changes. This includes analysing how environmental policies and international climate agreements could impact business operations globally.

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