Forensic Intelligence.

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Extremely accurate analysis and projections which are invisible to most

Our Forensic Intelligence services draw upon decades of accounting, business modelling and performance reporting experience. And is combined with a significant strategic analysis and Intelligence track record.

We produce extremely accurate and insightful analysis and performance indications. And most importantly, the projections of a business or investment which are invisible to most. However, unlike what you have experienced before, we ensure management and investors to really “get under the skin” of the business. 

To understand it’s true performance issues. Also identify the real behaviours driving that performance. So our client know where and how they need to change.

Following on, we comprehensively scrutinise any size deal to provide a complete and thorough understanding of the financial, legal and structural aspects of a project. Therefore, there are no limits to the deal size we work with. 

Forensic Intelligence and Investigations Investment services summary


  • Firstly, precision forecasting & troubleshooting   
  • Followed by monitoring & management indicators  
  • Then development, BD and growth mapping
  • Finally, future proofing insights and recommendation


  • Appraisal packages
  • Verification and qualification packages
  • And fiscal performance tracking
  • As well as Forensic data analysis


  • Integrated intelligence service modules
  • And robust project management oversight
  • Also, Intelligence based financial oversights


  • M&A pre-qualification process
  • Also decisive investor readiness
  • And market trends and predictions
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