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Unlocking The Power Of Customer Retention

In B2B market research, churn analysis is important to understand:

  • Why customers leave you
  • How you can prevent it now and in the future

Customer churn is a huge problem. And it can disrupt revenue streams, hinder growth and overall business success, and kill a business. 

We help you face customer churn head-on. Armed with the right questions, we find the critical insight you need. We provide you with actionable insights to improve your customer retention rates. B2B churn analysis research drills down to the essence of customer churn. We do this by finding answers to the following:

  • Do customers’ experiences with your product or service align with their expectations?
  • Are customers receiving the level of support commensurate with their investment?
  • How frequently do you engage with customers post-sale, ensuring continuous value delivery?
  • Do customers have concerns about the behaviour or responsiveness of your sales team?
  • Have competitors introduced pricing changes or enticing discounts?
  • To what extent did price play a role in the customer’s decision to churn?
  • What is the magnitude and structure of your competitors’ sales teams
  •  How do your competitors position themselves in the market?
  • Are you designing bespoke solutions while customers need more holistic platforms? Or vice versa?
  • Are customers distracted by DIY alternatives?
  • Are they using your product to its maximum? Are they using it at all?

insights for informed business decisions

By digging into the reasons for customer churn, our insight improves your decision-making. We work with you to deliver bespoke solutions to align with your needs and objectives.

Octopus Intelligence can help you to:

  • Enter a new market
  • Develop a new product
  • Gain a better understanding of your competitors

Don’t allow customer churn to cast a shadow over your business. Reach out to Octopus Intelligence today, transformative power of our B2B churn analysis.

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