Counter Intelligence and Competency intelligence Questions

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This article presents an ever growing list of example Counter Intelligence and Competency Intelligence questions.

  • What are our competitors trying to discover about us? And why?
  • How are they trying to conduct Competitive Intelligence against us?
  • What can we do, and what are we doing, to reduce their chances of getting it?
  • What legitimate denial and deception tactics might we employ to safeguard our proprietary information?
  • If we wanted to know more about our business how would be go about it?
  • What are our key competencies we would rather our competitor didn’t know?
  • Who in your organisation would they want to poach from you? And why?
  • How quickly can they bring a new product/service to market?
  • How are they generating capital for new ventures?
  • Are they exploiting their research and development?
  • What expertise do they possess in a particular process or technology?
  • Do they have an efficient order processing?
  • Do they have a sophisticated inventory management?
  • How do they motivate and train a remote sales force?
  • How do they motivating and train their workers?
  • And, how strong is their supplier management?
  • How good are they at distribution?
  • Why are they not interested in what we are doing?

There are many other Counter Intelligence and Competency Intelligence questions you can create but try and make they are well thought out. So when you write them down every word means something the end result.

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Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your world changing. Of people connecting, contacts changing, customers needs evolving. And competitors disrupting your market.

You can’t slow it down. And you can’t avoid it. You can’t stop it.

But you can stay ahead by innovating, modernising and delivering what’s needed.

By knowing what’s happening next.

This article was called key player people related Intelligence questions. As discussed, great questions are the best way to create great intelligence. But, it’s not just a case thinking up smart questions to catch all you know about your competitor or market. You have to guide the decision maker to take action.

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