Could Beating Your Competitors be Considered a Strategic Move?

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Could beating your competitors be considered a strategic move?

Could beating your competitors into the ground be considered a strategic move? That isn’t the sort of question you will see answered at a business school anytime soon. It’s unlikely that your board will need to decide on buying your own corporate cricket bat or hiring Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad to clean your competitive environment, although sometimes, I’m sure, it may be tempting. 

But our website proclaims that we help create certainty and Competitive Advantage. So you can dominate markets and beat your competitors. This statement is true. But, when we say to beat your competitors, we believe it’s never about them. 

Focus on what you are doing

To beat them, you have to focus on what you are doing. Bad-mouthing a competitor and spreading rumours is never good. And looking for their clients just to take them away from them is the wrong way to look at your situation. Some of this can be unethical, and most are “just not cricket”, as we say in the UK. In the long term, doing these sorts of activities will mean you will lose. 

You will lose any respect your client has for you, and any business you gain will be threatened by others doing what you did. It’s a zero-sum game. 

Trusted advisor

To succeed, we believe you have to be a trusted advisor—someone who tells you how it is and how you can learn from your competitive environment. A common thread within our articles is that you need to know your competitors to be able to beat them. But you don’t beat them by slapping them into the ground. You beat them by being better than them, by providing a better product or service for a reasonable price, and by being trusted. 

Don’t hate them all the time

Your target should always be your prospects and clients. You need to know your competitors, not hate them. But to understand what they are doing well and doing to make their clients loyal. Know what they could do better and why their clients dislike them. 

One of our best clients asks us to examine competitors. We find out what they will do next, what they excel at, and what they are poor at. 

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My client is happy they know what they are doing and have a quality competitor. Only once did we find a competitor conducting bad practices and verging on the illegal. Activities that were taking business from them by undercutting them in price. The trouble was they were lying, and slavery was even in their supply chain. So, action was taken. 

It’s not about beating your competitor

So, remember, it’s not about beating your competitor into the ground. It’s about beating your competitor through best practices and product improvement. Through excellent customer service and an understanding of current and future markets. Spotting trends and predicting what a competitor could do next. 

A last-gasp trip decided the Olympic final.

After all, the 100m Olympic final is not won by tripping up the race leader. It’s about being faster. Better prepared, in the right state of mind, and getting your season peak correct. Combining the 100m and heavyweight boxing will provide an interesting spectacle. But the credibility of being the world’s fastest person would be questioned. 

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Could beating your competitors into the ground be considered a strategic move?

In conclusion, could beating your competitors into the ground be considered a strategic move? This is not a question any business consultant would want to answer. This article explains that Intelligence is about beating your competitors and dominating markets. It’s about learning about what and why your competitors do what they do. What do they do well, what are they terrible at, and what will they do next? It’s about them not growing at your expense. 

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