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As the leading corporate intelligence firm, we assess commercial and investment opportunities and risks, resolve disputes and protect your reputation. 

Octopus is the leading corporate intelligence firm

As corporate investigators, we help businesses, brands, multinationals, law firms, financial institutions, investors, and family offices keep an eye on competitors and those wanting and receiving investment. 

We discretely do this globally on one-off assignments or a retained basis. 

The truth can be hard to find. Some swear black is white. Others spin silk into gold. Everywhere there are hidden obstacles that prevent you from seeing the real picture. 

To assist, our people-powered investigations come with attention to detail, rigour, the ability to own a brief, and doing what it takes to find the most relevant information. All are supported by technology that packs a punch. 

Our clients come to us when: 

  • Looking at a new business relationship or commercial opportunity
  • In a situation or part of the world where there is the potential for some kind of risk – be it political, reputational, regulatory, commercial or investment opportunities
  • When they need our support in their own internal inquiries or external dispute
  • They need corroboration and insight into unknown territory or business opportunities
  • Prevent and detect financial and reputational damage
  • Support their portfolio companies in the drive for greater returns & competitive advantage
  • Proactive prevention and eliminating financial leaks is far easier and more cost-effective
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) exposure

They want to see the big picture and get to the bottom of the problems associated with financial leaks, fraud, threats and business disputes.

Way more than just a database search

It’s not just a database search; off you go, happy. We try to understand the behavioural characteristics of individual decision-makers. And, in most cases, certain character idiosyncrasies do leave a footprint.

Whatever the brief, we build them into questions to answer, then use analysis, judgment, and experience to gather information, make sense of it and deliver it in a useful, meaningful way.

Who are you going to deal with?

Before any business decision or investment, we can 

  • Dig around key players’ backgrounds
  • Find the skeletons before they are moved into your closet
  • Help identify fraudulent practices to prevent significant Financial & reputational loss
  • Keep you on the front foot by avoiding nasty surprises.
  • Help you understand what’s happening and 
  • Reveal what you could get yourself into

We Go Beyond Box-Ticking And Spreadsheet Diligence

We go beyond box-ticking and spreadsheet diligence; high-quality research backed up with access to local databases and leaks—best-in-class OSINT and software solutions.

We also can offer boots-on-the-ground investigations and site visits. 

We unearth evidence by speaking to the people who know what has happened and producing information on both the background and context of the dispute to help you present an effective case. Our corporate investigations make the most of our other services, such as competitive intelligence and:

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Unparalleled OSINT Services For A Competitive Edge.We offer market-leading Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that provides exceptional services and results. Bespoke, people-and tech-powered insightful OSINT. 

Our OSINT engineers and researchers have a deep understanding of corporate intelligence. cyber intelligence, UHNW and M&A funds. Specialising in highly customisable and bespoke:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Development of secure and scalable applications, audits and builds smart contracts. 
  • System and Data Security
  • Bespoke, People And Tech-Powered Insights
  • Data Analysis, machine learning, and AI. 
  • Enhanced due diligence and online reputation management
  • Digital forensic analysis. 

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Disruptive competitive intelligence

Go on the offensive with our actionable intelligence to disrupt your competitors’ and adversaries’ operations. We target their vulnerabilities, habits and strengths. Our cutting-edge discreet techniques and technologies create valuable and actionable insights.

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We uncover the tactics used against you. By deeply understanding these collection efforts, you can better safeguard your organisation’s sensitive information.

Comprehensive counterintelligence investigations to demystify, defend, and even turn the tables, ensuring your organisation has the knowledge and tools to thrive.

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