Deep insight with Competitor Value Chain Analysis

Forget your competitors’ big teeth. Turn their threat into opportunity with Competitor Value Chain Analysis

Competitor Value Chain Analysis is the process of analysing competitors’ operational chain. We analyse your competitors’ from their raw materials to customer attraction. Through to their finished products and customer service processes. Isolate the significant activities within their value chain. Including their:
  • Inbound and outbound logistics.
  • Sales and operations
  • Ways they look to reduce costs
  • Their efficiency and effectiveness
  • How they improve product quality,
  • Customer attraction and service levels

Customer needs

We help you understand how our competitors understand what their customers need? And how they are looking at their customers’ future needs? Define things like if they meet their potential customers, where and how do they buy their raw materials? And how often do they receive deliveries, etc.?

Product/Service Development

We work to understand how your competitor builds its potential products/services? To know how do they create prototypes. We isolate how they test their product/service before they try and sell it? We find out just how good is their service/product is.

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Delivery and service

We find out how your competitor delivers and installs their product? And how do they provide their service and how happy are their customers? Understand how they provide their customer service and how well they do it.

Sales and Marketing

We analyse how they sell their products/services? And what they say and define how they market it to their customers?
With our Competitor Value Chain Analysis, we will find out things you didn’t know. To be able to counter their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses. We will provide you with even more of competitive advantage.

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What else can we do for you?

What are they planning?


  • Understand competitor business models
  • How they are planning to out flank you?
  • Why they are doing what they do?
  • And why your customers could be attracted to them?

Make better decisions and take action


  • Improve your productivity by focusing on winnable activities and pitches
  • Provide an early warning of competitive threats
  • Make better strategic decisions and take action
  • Isolate and take advantage of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to stay ahead of the game

Where are they winning?


  • Be more informed and open to innovation
  • Stay fresh in the industry
  • Create exciting value propositions
  • Identify alternative marketing channels your competitors are successfully (or not) using to market their products and services

Confidential and unbiased


  • Completely impartial Intelligence
  • Critical and focused and will save you time and money
  • Unbiased news, views, truth and relevant analysis
  • Allow us to talk to people without fear of compromise or embarrassment