Competitor Information overload and lack of actionable insights

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Competitor Information overload and lack of actionable insights

Two big problems when it comes to researching your competitors. Information overload and a lack of actionable insights. The internet is teeming with data about almost any company. So it must be easy, eh? Why do we need competitive intelligence, never mind bringing in an agency? Get the placement to do it. Or just buy access to some competitive intelligence platform to give me the answers. But sifting through it all and extracting what’s truly valuable can be a massive time sink. Using a platform without thinking about it will only exacerbate it. You’ll end up with:

Data paralysis

Buried under mountains of reports, metrics, and competitor analysis, unable to discern what matters. And most of the best data is hidden behind a firewall. Ok, but do you want to spend the thick end of £5000 on a report that is not exactly what you are looking for? And it’s 18 months out of date anyway? Plus, your competitors may be reading that report, too. So where’s the competitive advantage in that? There is no point.

Stale or incomplete information 

Data is going to be outdated and inaccurate. And if it’s not, it will lack crucial context. This will lead to blind spots, flawed strategies and that feeling of frustration. 

Disjointed insights

Because your report is not written just for you, data points exist in silos. So, failing to tell a cohesive story about your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and future moves.

Lack of human interpretation

Algorithms and automated tools can’t capture the nuances of human behaviour, market trends, and competitive dynamics. This is where a seasoned competitive intelligence expert comes in to help. To bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, offering:

Curation and prioritisation

Cut through the noise, identify the most relevant information, and present it clearly and concisely.

Human expertise

Analyse data critically, draw connections, spot trends, and interpret the bigger picture.

Actionable recommendations

Don’t just tell the decision-maker what’s happening. Tell them what to do about it. Find the insights that translate into tangible strategies that give you a competitive edge.

Flexibility and customisation

Tailor your approach to your specific needs and industry. So ensuring the information you receive is directly relevant and impactful.

Competitor Information overload and lack of actionable insights

So, instead of drowning in a sea of data, use competitive intelligence techniques. Be the life raft. Navigate the turbulent waters of market research and deliver the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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