Understand how to win with Competitor Analysis

Understand what your competitors planning to do next, where are they winning business, and how you can have a piece of the action

What are your competitors doing?

Your market shifts and swings one way to another with or without you. Sometimes these shifts are not significant for you. Other times you get a kick up the backside. So it’s vital that you can see what’s coming so you can grab it with both hands or get out of the way.

Get the better of your competitors

You can’t beat your competitors if you don’t know where to find them or who they are. Nor can you meet your customers’ needs if you do not understand what your competitors value proposition.

Without any justification or evidence, too many companies dismiss competitors as irrelevant and not as good as them. 

It’s a dangerous game to play. And it’s why our clients use our Competitor Analysis services to give them the insight they need to act decisively. Armed with meaningful and usable knowledge. We can do the same for you.

  • Turn competitor threats into profit opportunities
  • See inside your competitors’ worlds
  • Create products that are better than your competitors. Products your customers want
  • Get to know your competitors inside out

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What do you need to know? 

We answer questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? Where are they winning business, and how can I have a piece of the action? And how do we minimise risk? What should we do next, which market should we move into, what will happen, and why are we struggling to compete? 

To help you predict their future actions

Once we have discovered the questions and the best approach we then find and to speak to the right people, in the right way and then look for patterns. We are brilliant at asking the right questions at the right time.

We build a picture to give you a birds-eye view of how to beat your competitor, counter their strengths, exploit their weaknesses and preempt their moves.

To allow us to draw a very detailed map of your competitors, their products, tech and many other things which could impact your business. 

Build an accurate picture of your competition

We map out what’s happening, joining the dots, find the patterns and see themes reveal themselves. And dig deep into your competitor’s minds to build a profile of their characteristics and behaviour. We dig deeper into their mindset. 

You can ask any questions about your competitor. The subjects are rich and varied. So when conducting Competitor Analysis, we answer questions like:

  • What’s their product range or service offering and which markets do they satisfy? How do they compare with you?
  • Are your competitors profitable, expanding, or struggling?
  • What’s their sales and marketing strategies?
  • What do their customers think of them?
  • What is their reputation in the market in terms of quality, image, price, brand recognition, customer service, ease of buying from them, geography, tone of voice, market share and sales processes?

Competitor Analysis then take a look at yourself

When answering these questions, keep in mind we can answer the questions about your own company, like:

  • How could you differentiate yourself from these competitors? 
  • What does your competitor think of you? 
  • What can you do what your competitor can’t?

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We can help

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What else can we do for you?

What are they planning?


  • Understand competitor business models
  • How they are planning to out flank you?
  • Why they are doing what they do?
  • And why your customers could be attracted to them?

Make better decisions and take action


  • Improve your productivity by focusing on winnable activities and pitches
  • Provide an early warning of competitive threats
  • Make better strategic decisions and take action
  • Isolate and take advantage of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to stay ahead of the game

Where are they winning?


  • Be more informed and open to innovation
  • Stay fresh in the industry
  • Create exciting value propositions
  • Identify alternative marketing channels your competitors are successfully (or not) using to market their products and services

Confidential and unbiased


  • Completely impartial Intelligence
  • Critical and focused and will save you time and money
  • Unbiased news, views, truth and relevant analysis
  • Allow us to talk to people without fear of compromise or embarrassment