European and UK partners of the Academy of Competitive Intelligence with the world’s finest accredited competitive intelligence training company.

As you know, we’re all about your competitive advantage. Clients trust our combination of hard work, human thinking, technology, business savvy and common sense.

Over the years of doing the job, we have gone down those dead ends, pulling strings only to find an old boot on the end of them. But we have kept digging around and come up smelling of roses with priceless golden nuggets—real insight that’s made a difference to our clients.

So, a competitive intelligence training partner must be the best available—a partner who is as passionate about the power of competitive intelligence as we are. 

And training that goes way beyond competitor profiling, news monitoring, and other activities that are little more than collecting and warehousing enormous amounts of data—unfiltered noise to uninterested users.

ACI and Octopus Intelligence partnership

So, we partnered with the finest and only accredited competitive intelligence training company. To help them provide a unique European, Middle East, and UK-focused offering.

The Academy of Competitive Intelligence provides world-class training. It was founded in 1999 by Leonard Fuld, Dr Benjamin Gilad, and Jan Herring, the pioneers in the creation and development of the field of competitive intelligence.

No other CI training program matches our longevity, faculty experience, or career impact. The Academy of Competitive Intelligence helps you: 

  • Become a better competitive intelligence analyst.
  • Develop agile and resilient strategies in highly competitive markets.
  • Change the trajectory of your career.

Our IACET-accredited certification has been in place longer than anyone else.

CIP™ Profesional

With CIP™ certification, CI professionals become more valuable advisors to senior management. Gaining a seat at the table where strategic decisions are debated and made.

Adding CIP™ certification to a research, product, or technical background is a valuable combination that sets CI professionals apart within their organisation.

Skills you will learn and develop include the ability to:

  • Collect intelligence from human sources (internal or external).
  • Synthesise and interpret (rather than just report on) dynamic industry developments. In other words, CIP™ professionals see the forest from the trees.
  • Communicate with and have an impact on executive and C-suite leaders.

CIP™ certifications

An eight-course CIP™-I and Master of CI CIP™-II Certificate Program. Take a single course or complete any or all certificate levels. Complete the Intelligence education program to learn everything about:

  • How to anticipate change and minimise risk to your company.
  • Leading edge practices from the basic collection to advanced analysis.
  • Running the CI function.
  • A sophisticated industry risk management framework.

CIP-III “A Step Above” would have you dig even deeper. 

So why CIP™ certifications?

  • Courses designed for CI professionals as well as managers and executives in functional areas such as:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Product marketers 
    • Finance
    • R&D
    • Manufacturing/operations
    • And many more
  • Help build careers in competitive intelligence, strategy and overall management.
  • Training that ensures graduates have a positive impact on their organisations and their careers.
  • The oldest and largest educational institution. Dedicated to helping companies better control their strategic risks. And to discover new market opportunities with competitive intelligence.
  • The only accredited competitive/market intelligence training institution. Accredited CEUs by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). 

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