Competitive Intelligence Sustainability Case Study: What Are Our Competitors ESG Strategies?

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Competitive Intelligence sustainability case study: What are our competitors ESG strategies

Our client, the Group Marketing Director, wanted the software company to be seen as a leader in responsible business.

What was the situation?

They wanted to know how ESG and associated activities were untaken by their competitors and those businesses seen as leaders in sustainability. They needed to understand what their competitors believed sustainability to be and what a responsible company meant to them. To isolate inconsistencies within their offer. And also more tactical aspects of their function, such as lines of responsibility, headcount, budgets, culture, projects undertaken and stakeholder engagement. 

What we did

This job would focus on primary research, and we began by determining what the client considers ESG to be. And why it’s important to their business and what they would do with our insight.

We then isolated relevant people at the target companies. These tended to be sustainability officers, heads of ESG and risk managers. We created the questions we wished to ask them and began conversations with them. Rather than listing the questions as we spoke, we weaved them into conversations. We created the main feature of each company and answered the original questions they wanted to be established. Determined the way their competitors structured their ESG, why they did it, where they were successful, the pitfalls they had to tackle and their thoughts on the future.

We then backed the primary research up with in-depth OSINT and secondary research to ensure no rock was unturned. 

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What they got

They received a comprehensive report with key findings identifying the main features of their competitor’s ESG strategies. We isolated what was missing or lacking and what our clients could do to be seen as the leader in their field. 

The result

Our client acted on the insight within the report. The software repositioned its sustainability strategy and restructured its teams so they could work closer to all stakeholders. They have recruited wisely and increased the sustainability budget, resulting in ESG-based television advertising. 

Competitive Intelligence sustainability case study: What are our competitors ESG strategies?

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