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“Octopus has done some brilliant competitor research for us over the years and can get information you would have thought impossible”.

Global CMO UK plc

Competitive intelligence for marketing teams

Some of the biggest brands & middle-market players have access to our bespoke & usable insight. They know their competitive environment & their future better than their competitors.

Octopus is fast becoming the must-have global advisory for marketing teams to understand their markets better:

  • Decide where to pitch against competitors 
  • And know what’s next
  • Understand how competitor products are marketed to differentiate to ensure your message sticks with customers.

We fully understand that all competitive intelligence has to be usable, or else marketing teams will just see it as just another market research report. Interesting but not vital. Without analysing & then proposing a way forward to our client, collecting information is an utterly pointless exercise. 

Without any actionable strategy from the insight, you might as well not bother. And yes, there’s more insight than pretty battle cards & status quo-encouraging benchmarking.

We are highly experienced in working with marketing teams. And they know we go beyond data, facts & figures and deliver the insight & more certainty to tell your story in the right way, to the right people, by the right channel. We give them more certainty in their decisions & competitive advantage. 

Let’s help you make your business resilient, robust, scalable & ready for the fight. 

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