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What Octopus found out for us was absolutely astonishing.

Chief Operating Officer – Tech platform

Competitive intelligence for management teams

Our sweet spot is usually the CEO and their management teams within brands & middle-market players.

Our usable & practical competitive Intelligence is a must-have for you to understand markets better, move into new ones, know where to pitch against competitors & know where the next opportunity will be.

  • Future-proofed competitive advantage
  • Offer resilient, robust, scalable & competitive products & services
  • Understand your competitor & how they plan to outflank you
  • Why your current customers could be attracted to them
  • Get early warning of competitive threats
  • Identify & exploit other marketing channels your competitors use 

It’s critical that brands and middle market players stay strong, creative & innovative.

Our competitive intelligence, together with our strong focused & determined support for our clients.

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