Competitive intelligence for investors

Some of the biggest private equity, M&A & asset managers make better investments & exits using competitive intelligence. We help them keep an eye on their competitors & support them with their portfolio companies. Resulting in greater returns & competitive advantage.

We are people-powered and supported by technology. Not the other way round. Attention to detail, rigour, the ability to own a brief, & doing what it takes to find the most relevant information. 

Octopus is fast becoming the must-have global advisory to understand your markets & investments better. Investors come to us when: 

  • Looking at a new business relationship or commercial opportunity
  • Are in a situation where there’s some kind of risk
  • Want to know what their competitors are up to
  • Understand what’s really going on in a portfolio company & its market

We dig around target companies & their key players’ backgrounds. Looking for skeletons before they are moved into your closet. 

It’s not just a database search or the tried & tested financial analyst route. We have different skills sets so come at it from different angles. We can offer boots-on-the-ground investigations & site visits. 

Let’s help you make your investments resilient, robust, scalable & ready for the fight. 

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