Competitor Intelligence Example Industry Validation

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Competitor intelligence example industry validation by a software company

This piece is one of a number of articles offering an example of what you can do with competitive intelligence. We are determined to show you how competitive intelligence and associated activities can help any business. In this example, a technology business wished to gain a foothold in another market. A software company calls this article competitor Intelligence, for example, industry validation. This is is an example, but we also have many case studies like Investor Market Analysis Case Study.

What’s happening

A large enterprise financial software house wished to increase influence and revenue its marketplace. They produced a very popular and well-used API that allowed one financial platform to talk to another. However, its investors were putting pressure on them to expand their offering, telling them they were just an API with many alternatives out in the market for their users. They relied on third-party partners to use their product within their offering, and the investors were nervous. They were uncomfortable that the business they had invested in was at the behest of another company*. One they can’t have any real influence on. They would approach an agency like Octopus Competitive Intelligence to help them isolate new opportunities, create a potential future market and perhaps find other platforms in different markets for their product. *Yes, the investors should have seen this before they invested. But this is not an uncommon situation.

What could be done?

After collecting all secondary OSINT and speaking with relevant people, we would use analysis tools to determine and assess alternative products and SasS platforms that would be excellent options for them. Then, explore how the company could work with alternative products. They also assess their current partners to see how they believe their relationship was with them, determining the best possible route and avoiding any pitfalls others have experienced. Then, I recommended several potential partners in similar industry sectors. 

Some leftfield markets were rejected but could be revisited when investor pressures have been reduced. Keep similar needs played into the company’s strengths and capabilities: technology and software capability-wise, business development, product delivery, and marketing. Getting the message across to potential customers and partners in a new market has to be as easy as possible.

Clearly, there will be many options within cloud-based technologies that occupy an emerging market to bring new opportunities for their business.

What were the results?

In this example, the software firm decided to go with the key findings contained within the competitive intelligence insight and convinced their investors. This resulted in a new funding round. Eventually, the latest business was spun off into a subsidiary, which expanded into a niche but profitable sector of the enterprise software industry.

Embarking on a journey of Strategic Industry Validation is indispensable for software companies aiming to ascertain their competitive position and adapt to the ever-evolving industry dynamics. Strategic Industry Validation through competitive intelligence unveils critical insights into market trends, competitor strategies, and customer preferences.

Here at Octopus Intelligence, we unravel the multifaceted approach to industry validation, shedding light on how software companies can leverage competitive intelligence to affirm their standing, make strategic pivots, and foster innovation.

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