Thank you for your Competitive Intelligence download request

It’s Competitive out there so thank you for your interest in Octopus.

Thank you for you Competitive Intelligence Download Request. We will send it to you work email address.

We will be able to help you. So if you have any questions, then please get in touch.

How do we get things moving?

We can work to your way of doing things. But usually, you get in touch via email, social media or telephone. We find an agreeable time for an informal no-obligation chat.

Working with Octopus Intelligence is easy

We ask pertinent questions and listen to you and your answers.

No sales just listening to understand where your pain is. We just get to understand your needs. Then we put your needs into words and propose a way to provide you with a solution.

We develop a set of questions you need answering to solve your problem. Then agree on a way forward a start and completion date. We then get on with it and undertake the project keeping you in the loop.

Present our findings and recommendations and discuss next steps (if any).

How we can work with you

We can work with you in any way you wish. Everyone has their own unique needs, and no size fits all. We understand that no project is ever the same. Some clients come to us when they have just have a specific need.

Others retain us to ensure they are covered for all eventualities. At the same time, some ask us to monitor their competitors and market sector. Some already have Competitive Intelligence functions and use us when they need support. Or don’t want their identities revealed. Other’s use us for the deeper dives into their main competitors and keep an internal watching brief on the others. 

We are even able to introduce a Competitive Intelligence function into a company. On a gradual, ongoing basis and building things up. Working with their marketing teams to get comfortable with the process. Others have an immediate need, we resolve their problem, and they toddle off happy never to be seen again.

How do we charge?

Our prices start at £500 for a competitor map building exercise, and we are confident we can agree on a fee with you. Retaining our services is significantly more cost-effective for you that ad-hoc projects.

Thank you once again for your download request

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