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More certainty & competitive advantage within your channel partners

Competitive intelligence channel partner

We create more certainty & competitive advantage to dominate your markets & soar above competitors. We do this by using competitive intelligence and all the associated tools.

And we isolate problems, define trends, and deliver answers. To provide confidence and the best way forward. An essential area of competitive intelligence is the analysis of channel partners. 

As you know, channel partners can be an essential aspect of penetrating markets. It’s crucial to understand your channels. But dont forget about your competitors’ channel partners’ strategies, capabilities and weaknesses. 

Octopus assists you be diving deeper into these business channels. Listening to their needs and concerns 

To analyse the speed of delivery and quality of the channels you have developed or want to create. 

How can we help?

Octopus can assist you by:

  • Identifying and qualifying any prospects interested in partnering with you.
  • Isolate the best way to do it and create and maintain a competitive advantage in the partner channel.
  • Isolating your competitors’ indirect channel partner strategies, strengths & weaknesses, and future direction. Getting to know their propositions, programme structures, pricing and terms.
  • Understanding what your channel partner thinks about your proposition. And how it compares to your competitors. You know your distributors or sales partners like your products, don’t you?
  • Profiling the decision-makers within channel partners to understand their objectives. And then engaging with them and seeing what makes them tick. 
  • How can you take advantage of the new influencer marketing partnership
  • Understand what an influencer is looking for you to be attractive to them
  • Channel partner research and benchmarking, including KPIs, resource planning, target setting and incentives.
  • Answer questions like how technology is going to impact your future relationships.

Understanding your channel ensures you grow faster with optimised distribution and sales channels. Octopus will assist you in gaining market share and reducing costs. And more importantly, you better look after your customers.