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Market Intelligence Definition

This a picture of a girl inspecting a market stall for an article called What makes an excellent Market Intelligence and OSINT Analyst by Octopus Competitive Intelligence consultancy for Competitor Analysis and market intelligence services. Market Intelligence Definition

Market Intelligence Definition The definition of market intelligence can vary drastically, but one definition is information that helps businesses understand how customers think, feel, and behave. It’s important to understand customer needs in order to provide the best possible service. … Read More

How to Use a Decision Matrix For Your Business

This is Abstract polygonal vector background with connecting dots and lines. Digital data visualization for an article How to use a decision matrix for your business brought to you by Octopus Intelligence who help you beat your competitors

You have a purchasing decision you need to take. It would help to show that you have taken care with your decision  and come to a decision based on sound judgement.  Are you going to judge your decision based on … Read More

A new competitor enters your market

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You are doing very well and then, suddenly, without warning a new player comes along and tries to muscle in on your turf. Now, you may have your area as tightly managed as the Kray Twins had the East End … Read More

Commence a Market Intelligence Project

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This article looks at how to commence a Market Intelligence project. You may want to participate in Market Intelligence and are looking for an excellent place to start. Answering these questions may get you starting MarketIntelligence: Look at the competitors’ … Read More

Measuring Competitive Intelligence Success

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This article is called measuring Competitive Intelligence success . The best place to started when looking to determine how successful your CI project has been is to turn to your original intelligence planning. Ask yourself: • Did you achieve what … Read More

Weapons of Mass Destruction

This is a picture mobile missile complex possibly scud .For an article called weapons of mass destruction? By Octopus Competitive Intelligence company. We answer the questions with Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence and business development

This article, Weapons on mass destruction, takes a look at the Intelligence activities in the lead up to Gulf War 2. And what Competitive Intelligence professionals can learn from it.  This article came to life after watching Alistair Campbell’ answering questions … Read More

How to Gather Trade Show Competitive Intelligence

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This article, how to gather trade show Competitive Intelligence, offers an interesting perspective on collecting Insight on your competitors.  Trade shows are excellent sources for competitor information. At trade shows, you can collect competitor brochures and other marketing materials, but … Read More

What is Primary Research?

This is a picture a women getting ready to drink a coffee and listen for a post called SCIP IntelliCast Podcast About Intelligence, Strategy, and Leadership and the EuroSummit by Octopus is a Competitive Intelligence Competitor Analysis & Strategy consulting firm focused on creating certainty, insight, competitive advantage & significant growth. what is primary research?

This article is called what is primary research? This type of research is the collection of data through first-hand observation or experimentation. It’s the most original form of research, as it’s based on the researcher’s own experiences or findings. This … Read More

How to Define Your Competitive Intelligence Needs

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How to how to define your Competitive Intelligence needs This article explains how to how to define your Competitive Intelligence needs. The first step in any Competitive Intelligence activity is to understand what you want to find and get out … Read More