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How to Manage Data Within Competitive Intelligence

This is a picture sweet jars on shelves for an article called How to manage data within Competitive Intelligence by Octopus Competitive Intelligence answering questions you need to ask with Competitor Analysis jumpstory-download20210124-164016

This article discusses how to manage data within Competitive Intelligence. Data management can be broken down as follows: . Place data into driver baskets and remove anything that doesn’t fit. Play with the data Then, try and distinguish between what … Read More

A New Competitor in Your Town

This a picture of a two girls looking out for new people in a city article called new competitor in your town by Octopus Competitive Intelligence consultancy for Competitor Analysis

This article is called a new competitor in your town. And discusses what to do when a stranger comes to town. A new player has overnight entered your turf and is creating noise in the market place. People like what … Read More

Competitive Intelligence Elicitation Techniques

This is a picture of a Close up image of two people clink white coffee mugs on wooden table in cafe for an article called Competitive Intelligence elicitation techniques by Octopus Competitive Intelligence resolving your problems with Market Analysis & Competitor Analysis

This article is called Competitive Intelligence elicitation techniques. We offer our thoughts on some fundamental and ethical elicitation techniques. Nothing too heavy and some of which you may be already knowingly or subconsciously using in your day to day activities. … Read More

Why is Competitive Intelligence important?

This is a picture of Exclamation mark with speech bubbles on red background by Octopus intelligence For an article called Why is Competitive Intelligence important By Octopus Competitive Intelligence company. We answer the questions with Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence and business development

This article discusses why is Competitive Intelligence important. Your important strategic decisions within your organisation are dependent on many factors. Factor such as industry changes, your organisation’s competences, the global economy, the shrinking talent pool and new entrants to your … Read More

Why Competitive Intelligence Can Help Any Size Company

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This article called why Competitive Intelligence can help any size company – always feel someone is watching me came about due to an excellent networking lunch last week in Nottingham, and I got into a conversation with a senior accountant … Read More