Competition SWOT Analysis for Your Business

This is an image of a Little boy scout with binoculars during hiking in autumn forest for an article called how to do Competitor Analysis by Octopus Competitive Intelligence. And What is Competitor Analysis? Competitor Analysis is to find out who your competitors are and define and analyse their strategies and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Analyse a Business With Competitive Analysis. Strategy analysis helps identify and understand the company's strengths and weaknesses. Competition SWOT analysis for your business. What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors? Maximising the Power of SWOT Analysis: 8 Approaches to Ensure Accurate and Meaningful Results. What is the meaning of competitive intelligence?

Competition SWOT analysis for your business

A competition SWOT analysis effectively identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your business. A SWOT analysis is useful for identifying potential problems and opportunities in any area of life. It helps you understand where you stand and what you need to do next.

Define your target audience

You should also define your target audience before starting a new project. This will help you focus on the right people and avoid wasting time and money on projects that won’t work.

Identify competitors

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to find out who else is competing with them. To do this, you need to understand what makes your product unique and why customers would choose you over other businesses.

Analyse strengths

Analyse their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Strengths: What sets your business apart from others? 
  • Weaknesses – Where does your business fall short? 
  • Opportunities – What new products or services will help you expand your market share? 
  • Threats – What risks might threaten your success?

Create a SWOT matrix

To perform a SWOT analysis:

  1. Start by creating a table with four columns.
  2. In the first column, list your company’s strengths.
  3. Write down your competitors’ strengths.
  4. List your company’s weaknesses.
  5. Write down your competitors’ weaknesses.
  6. Add up the numbers in each column.

If you have more strengths than weaknesses, then you’re doing well. However, if you have more weaknesses than strengths, you need to work harder to improve your business.

Develop strategies to overcome your weaknesses.

Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll need to develop strategies to improve them. For example, if you have a lot of customers who leave negative reviews, you might consider offering a discount to those customers. Or, if you have a high number of complaints, you might consider hiring customer service representatives to answer questions.

Competition SWOT analysis for your business

So as discussed, a competition SWOT analysis is a crucial way to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business. 

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