CCTV Technology Market Analysis Case Study

This is a picture of a field of CCTV cameras on an office blockĀ  for a case study called CCTV Technology Market Analysis Case Study by Octopus is a Competitive Intelligence Competitor Analysis focused on creating certainty

CCTV Technology Market Analysis Case Study

This article is called CCTV technology market analysis case study. And you can read how we helped a major UK Plc to understand their market better in 2011. They had previously used consultants from one of the big firms and were disappointed by the general lack of unique thinking and their template approach to Competitive Intelligence. 

CCTV technology Market Analysis brief

A well-known security company was keen to gain a better understanding of its market. We were asked to research and conduct an in-depth analysis of the best names in the world and then look at the competition at a more local level. 

They wished to know the top 10 integrators by revenue within their target markets (public and private health services, higher and further education, finance, utilities, Oil & Gas, emergency service, hi-tech manufacturing and commercial sectors). 

They also wanted us to create a shortlist of potential complementary businesses for capability sharing or acquisition within the target market. 

They needed to understand how market-leading integrators have become successful within the specific markets. They required clarification on the systems installed by the integrators across the target sectors.  


We agreed on criteria around finance, talent, customers, product, marketing and reputation. And, this enabled us to judge the market and the competition. Then, we produced a CCTV competitor league table. Our client found out that while successful, they could be doing a lot better. And the intelligence we supplied provided the knowledge to take appropriate action and advance in the future. We understand the company has gone to acquire a couple of the competitors we isolated in our research. 

What we did

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Competitor analysis
  • Benchmarking

CCTV Technology Market Analysis case study

This post was called CCTV technology market analysis case study. It attempted to explain how we helped a major UK Plc to understand their market better in 2011.

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