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Intelligence Assessment on The Iranian Situation

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Intelligence Assessment on the Iranian Situation: A number of quotes and Tweets directed towards the Iranian leadership, included: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Jul 22: “To Iranian president Rouhani: never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences … Read More

How to Compete Against Fast-Moving, Innovative Competitors

The Picture is a Fast moving traffic and lights for an article called 11 questions to make Competitive Intelligence a success By Octopus Intelligence. Solving problems with Competitive Intelligence, common sense and market analysis infloai_1lom_2944900e0fedd6217713904aaec0ce84 How to compete against fast moving innovative competitors

We ask how to compete against fast-moving, innovative competitors. There are plenty of opportunities for great companies to take advantage and gain market share. Especially the large and small well run focused companies who leave nothing to chance. They offer … Read More

Market Intelligence Reporting and Decision Making Basics

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This article offers our thoughts about Market Intelligence reporting and decision making basics. Reporting and conclusions Would a non-expert understand the conclusion? Can I summarise it in one sentence, with no more than 3 lines and dependent clause? Did I … Read More

Intelligence Briefings For Senior Management Advice

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When developing a senior management intelligence briefing, the writer must understand what interests them. Sounds obvious, but I have seen real examples of reports from the military in the field which were not read by anyone. 6 months and many … Read More

How to Write a Competitor Profile

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In this article, we will endeavour to show you how to write a competitor profile, but first of all lets suggest what we think what is a competitor profile is? What is a competitor profile? A competitor profile is a … Read More