Competitive Intelligence Insight

How You do Competitive Intelligence?

This is a picture of a far east city sky line at night for an article called How do You do Competitive Intelligence by Octopus Competitive Intelligence consulting agency research your competitors

How you do Competitive Intelligence? In this article, we ask how you do Competitive Intelligence? It’s a question with many answers, and it depends on whom you are speaking to. …

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Customer Segmentation Business Model Canvas

This is a Picture of a slice of lime representing What Is Market Segmentation? How to Use It for Max ROI for an article by Octopus Intelligence. We isolate your problems, reduce risk and uncertainty and deliver intelligence-led answers and innovative solutions. Dedicated to help you win. Customer segmentation business model canvas

Customer segmentation business model canvas Customer segmentation is an important part of any marketing strategy. It helps companies understand which customers they should focus on in order to maximize profits. …

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