Competitive Intelligence Strategy

Why do Dumb Things Happen to Smart Companies?

This a picture of man over isolated background surprised with hand on head for mistake surprised with hand on head for mistake remember error forgot bad memory concept for an article called Why do dumb things happen to smart companies? by Octopus Competitive Intelligence consultancy guest article for Competitor Analysis and market intelligence services

Why do Dumb Things Happen to Smart Companies? It is a great honour to present this excellent article from the widely respected executive coach, Competitive Intelligence author, and practitioner Babette …

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Future Competitive Strategy Identification

This is a picture of a tv tower in the sun for an article called Future competitive strategy identification By Octopus Competitive Intelligence Consulting and Competitor Analysis

This article is called future competitive strategy identification. It suggests seven possible competitive strategy processes. Strategies to assist you in developing futures from wargaming and scenario planning exercises. Look ahead …

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Uncertain Times Article – Yes Another One

This is a picture of a Wooden match burning on a black background for an article called - yes another one By Octopus Competitive Intelligence company We answer the questions with Competitive Intelligence

The phrase “we are living in uncertain times” is used everywhere at the moment. To sell toothpaste, frozen chips, home insurance, cars and many other crazy things. Uncertain times trips …

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What if You Are Wrong But Right?

This is a picture of a Boy with hands to ears and flying hat for an article by Octopus Intelligence client. We isolate your problems, reduce risk and uncertainty and deliver intelligence-led answers and innovative solutions. Dedicated to help you win.

Sometimes highly intelligent people get stuck on a nail about a theory and will not budge even when everyone is telling them they are wrong. Something they believe to be …

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Market Summary 5G Usage Within the Military

This is a picture a Military pilot on airfield walking away from the fighter jet for an article called Market summary 5G usage within the military by Octopus Competitive Intelligence  strategic intelligence due diligence and Market analysis

This article, called Market summary: 5G usage within the military, provides an overview of what’s happening with 5G military applications. Including the uses, problems faced, and the opportunities 5G brings a …

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