Collecting Competitive Intelligence

Key Player People Related Intelligence Questions

This a picture of a group of people writing on a see through planning board for an article called key player intelligence questions by Octopus Competitive Intelligence consultancy for Competitor Analysis Jumpstory This is a picture a boy on the floor with his laptop looking shocked for an article called Why Intelligence Research is Critical for Future Business Success by Octopus Competitive Intelligence Competitor Analysis focused on creating certainty How to estimate market size in Competitive Intelligence

Key player people related Intelligence questions This article presents a regularly updated key player intelligence questions to assist you creating your own. Great questions are the best way to create great intelligence. However, it’s not just a case of thinking … Read More

Counter Intelligence and Competency intelligence Questions

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This article presents an ever growing list of example Counter Intelligence and Competency Intelligence questions. Counter Intelligence related Intelligence questions What are our competitors trying to discover about us? And why? How are they trying to conduct Competitive Intelligence against … Read More

Product Technology and Warning Related Intelligence Questions

this is a picture of bottles of shampoo on yellow background. Natural cosmetic products showing different competitor prices or an article by Octopus Intelligence. We isolate your problems, reduce risk and uncertainty and deliver intelligence-led answers and innovative solutions. Dedicated to help you win. Download our competitor is cheaper than us template Prices Different Product technology and warning related Intelligence questions

Product technology and warning related Competitive Intelligence questions This article offers example product technology and warning related Intelligence questions to assist in your question planning. Product and Technology related Intelligence questions What are their key product features? Which channel partners … Read More

Competitive Intelligence’s Six Stages

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This article is called Competitive Intelligence’s six stages. Competitive Intelligence is the tactical analysis of markets, competitors and industries. Allowing you to make informed long and short term decisions. And take advantage of gaps in the market. So you can … Read More

Free Competitive Intelligence For Your Competitors

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This article asks are you giving away free Competitive Intelligence for your competitors information are you giving away to your competitors? It is interesting to know that Russia ever stopped spying on the West. It is unlikely they will ever … Read More

How to Manage Data Within Competitive Intelligence

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How to manage data within Competitive Intelligence This article discusses how to manage data within Competitive Intelligence. Data management can be broken down as follows: . Place data into driver baskets and remove anything that doesn’t fit. Play with the … Read More

Competitive Intelligence Elicitation Techniques

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Competitive Intelligence elicitation techniques This article is called Competitive Intelligence elicitation techniques. We offer our thoughts on some fundamental and ethical elicitation techniques. Nothing too heavy and some of which you may be already knowingly or subconsciously using in your … Read More