Auto-Immune Biosimilars Landscape in US & EU Markets Case Study

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Auto-Immune Biosimilars Landscape in US & EU Markets: A Competitive Intelligence Case Study


The team was tasked to enhance our client’s understanding of the global and local auto-immune biosimilars US & EU landscape. To provide the client with actionable insights into competitor activities, market trends, and regulatory environments. All to inform their strategic decisions.

You Know How

Staying ahead of the curve requires vigilance and deep market insights. Our auto-immune biosimilars sector client faced challenges in understanding their evolving competitive landscape. They wanted to know who their competitors were, what they were developing, their strategies, and when they were planning to launch products. Without this insight, the client risked being outmanoeuvred in their market.

What We Did

To address the client’s needs, we implemented a multi-faceted research approach:

  1. Monitoring: Monitored and reported on competitor assets in the oncology therapy area. Tracked scientific publications and attended conferences to gather the latest information.
  2. Booth Analysis: Detailed booth analyses at key industry events to collect firsthand insight into competitor activities and strategies.
  3. Landscape Analysis: Examined the US and EU’s global and local biosimilars landscape. Identified key players and market dynamics.
  4. Competitor Launch Timeline: Based on clinical and regulatory analysis, we developed a launch timeline for competitors. We offered insight into potential market entry and product launch dates.
  5. Trial Profiling: Comprehensive analysis and profiling of all competitor clinical trials. Offering a deep understanding of their research and development strategies.

What They Got

The client received a detailed and comprehensive analysis report covering

  • A deep overview of the global and local biosimilars US and EU landscape.
  • A clear timeline of competitors’ planned product launches. All are based on clinical and regulatory milestones.
  • In-depth profiles of all active competitor clinical trials. All of these are to highlight their research and development strategies.

The Result Was

The client isolated their key competitors within the auto-immune biosimilars sector and understood their upcoming strategies, enabling them to develop a robust Go-To-Market strategy and effective launch blueprint. The client could now confidentially navigate the competitive landscape, ensuring a well-informed and strategic approach to market entry and positioning.

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