Your partner in navigating the complexities of African markets.

Octopus Afridesk is a pioneering intelligence service dedicated to providing in-depth insights into the dynamic landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. Part of our global business intelligence offering is powered by those with local knowledge and understanding. African Market Intelligence services that encompass: 

  • Geopolitical Intelligence & Analysis
  • Conflict Research and Terrorism’s Impact on FDI
  • Climate Security Intelligence
  • Financial Crime Prevention
  • Market Competitive intelligence
  • Corporate Strategy and Market Entry
  • Risk Management and Policy Advisory
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Crime Investigation
  • Supply Chain Intelligence 
  • Illicit Trade Investigations & Intelligence
  • Counter Narcotics Intelligence
  • Legal Research & Intelligence 
  • Sports Intelligence: Mitigating risks related to sports events, investments, and sponsorship

All are enhanced with market-leading cutting-edge data visualisation. 

Tailored Risk Mitigation Solutions

Our Afridesk is a joint venture with Octopus, PEX Intelligence, Softengi and EMI Group. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, enterprises, and corporate intelligence consultancies to offer customised plans that address geopolitical, competitive, financial, and operational risks specific to your industry. 

Local Expertise, Global Impact: Our Bilingual Teams at Your Service

At Afridesk, we believe that authentic intelligence comes from the heart of the action, not from thousands of miles away. That’s why our bilingual teams are within the countries of interest, ensuring you receive intelligence rooted in direct, local experience. We don’t rely on distant analysts who have never set foot in the country they report on. 

We take pride in elevating local and indigenous perspectives, providing culturally rich and nuanced insights. Our teams, proficient in English and French, bridge language barriers and set new benchmarks in global inclusivity.


Local wisdom, Global Strategies

Global Business Intelligence Services 

Offering geopolitical intelligence, climate security analysis, competitive and market intelligence, financial crimes, and compliance analysis.

Cybersecurity Solutions

From risk assessments and compliance services to incident response and threat intelligence, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity strategies tailored to the unique African context.

Cultural Inclusive Writing & Data Visualisation

Ensuring all reports are culturally relevant and visually engaging.

Specialised crisis management services 

Tailored to the African context, including operational evacuation support, crisis response strategies, and local intelligence gathering.

Why Octopus Afridesk?

  • Gain insights from local experts for real-time, on-ground intelligence.
  • Enjoy cost and operational efficiency through our outsourced services.
  • Benefit from flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration with your business.
  • Culturally informed insights for accurate decision-making.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities for global entities in African markets.
  • Significant cost savings leveraging local partnerships while providing significantly higher-quality output.

Leadership team

The senior Afridesk PMO product leadership team are located in Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria; they have combined corporate, compliance, risk, intelligence finance and Policy insights and are uniquely equipped to address the complexities of Africa’s market. Our diverse expertise allows us to access critical information and tackle challenges with tenacity and discipline. We offer solutions tailored to the continent’s distinct dynamics and opportunities. 

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