3 Things You Can do to be Adaptive and Respond Quickly to Your Business Problems

In this article, we intend to suggest 3 things you can do to be adaptive and respond quickly to your business problems.

The world is full of great ideas and solutions to problems. But many of them stay people’s heads. They struggle with a new way of doing something and even suggesting a better way of doing something. Some are afraid of telling anyone because they may run away with the idea and do it themselves. 

Read business books, and they will tell you to take action and move forward in solving the problem, Trouble is we are all humans with self-doubt and carrying real-life baggage and experience. 

The main challenges will come from within your company—the challenges based on culture, long-established processes and negative people. But when solving a problem the first challenge, you will come across is tackling your assumptions and biases.

Write them down

Try writing down the reasons for why it is best not bothering using the idea you have come up with to solve a problem. You know the thoughts in your head telling you why its a bad idea and why you couldn’t possibly do it. Describe the reason and why it would be so hard to do. Writing these down and isolating these barriers will assist you in deciding how to move forward. Then put each of these objections into three baskets: metaphorical baskets or even better real ones. The 3 things you can do to be adaptive and respond quickly to your business problems consist of these three baskets:

  1. We can do this
  2. What if’s?
  3. No way’s

1. We can do this

This basket is for manageable problems. It is likely after you have written the barriers down, that most of them will be in this basket.

2. What If

“What if’s” is the basket for the things that may get in the way. The one’s that are entirely out of your control. You have unpredictable obstacles, and it is uncomfortable for you to handle. 

  • The company goes in a different direction
  • You lose a critical client
  • You miss revenue targets
  • Your sales team resign
  • You don’t get the series B funding
  • You come up against a pandemic

Again, by writing these issues down and putting them in a basket, you have dumped them from your mind, you can keep an eye on them and build a plan of action for each one. 

3. No ways

The final basket is “no ways”. The problems that you bring you to a halt. The showstoppers that make rethink the way forward altogether. 


Using these baskets is great to reflect on the timings of your idea/solution. And reduce the need for speed and be able to think about the next steps. You have isolated many great ideas or solutions, but the time may not be right. As you will be no doubt aware, there is often never a right time to start something new, and if you are the leader you are not going to get permission or orders from someone else to get moving.

Rather than holding yourself, your solution and ideas back, pat yourself on the back, and permit yourself to take on the problem. Don’t become your blockage and confidently move forward with great optimism.


In this article, we suggested 3 things you can do to be adaptive and respond quickly to your business problems. Put the stumbling blocks into baskets entitled, we can do this, what if’s and the no way’s.

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