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Helping you see what’s over the horizon and be more competitive by making what’s unknown known.

We find the answers to beat your competitors.

We delve deep through primary and secondary research and open-source intelligence to outsmart competitors and unlock your competitive edge. We answer the ‘what’, the ‘how’, and importantly, the ‘now’, the ‘next’, and what to do about it.

We operate in disruptive and traditional sectors. Our clients range from boutique to blue chip and investors. Brands to high-growth SaaS companies. And from startup innovators to private equity investors.  We are trusted to deliver by product management, intelligence teams, go-to-market, strategy, marketing, senior teams and investment directors.

Whether navigating the competitive battleground, expanding your market reach, or seeking investment opportunities, we are your trusted intelligence partner.

On a retained, contract or fractional basis, we offer five core services: competitive intelligence, competitor analysis and benchmarketing, market analysis, corporate investigations and geopolitical insight.

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Octopus Intelligence has done some brilliant competitor research for us over the years and can get the information you would have thought impossible. First-class service.

Global CMO, UK Plc

You reminded us to be a people business, not just a tech business. Octopus can harvest OSINT & primary information few market intelligence providers can.

UK/US tech firm CEO

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Thank you for all the work in supporting our global competitive intelligence needs. It’s a great partnership that provides value to our businesses and future strategy.

Global Product manager

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